Southwest Astrophotography Seminar- SWAP 2013

Southwest Astrophotography Seminar

 Sponsored by

 OPT Telescopes

With great pleasure, the Arizona Science and Astronomy Expo is proud to announce the addition of our first Southwest Astrophotography Seminar, to be held November 14th and 15th, 2013.  SWAP will be hosted by Mr. Warren Keller.  Classes will be conducted by some of the best Astro-Imagers in the world. Register now!
Warren A. Keller

Warren A. Keller – Astrophotography Seminar Host

Featured Presenters

* * * 

Adam Block

Mt Lemmon SkyCenter, University of Arizona

CCDStack and Adobe Photoshop: Object-Oriented Pre and Post-Processing

Royal Observatory Deep Sky Astrophographer of the Year, and noted teacher walks you through his personal workflow

“SkyCenter Observer’s Collection – Memories of the Cosmos”  by Adam Block. Book signing at the ASAE Show on Sunday.


Bryan Cogdell

Celestron International

Planetary Imaging Today

Bryan works hand in hand with Christopher Go and Imaging Source to produce the world’s best planetary images


Robert Denny

DC-3 Dreams

The Elements of Remote Imaging Success

The author of ACP and Scheduler observatory control software profiles the challenges of imaging remotely


Alan Erickson

Adobe Systems

Astrophotography with a DSLR Camera

Photoshop programmer, astro-imager, and speaker shows you how to get the most from DSLR cameras


Dr. Don Goldman


Narrowband Filters and Processing

The master of narrowband imaging provides an in-depth look at processing mapped color images with Photoshop


Chris Hendren

 OPT Telescopes

Shortcuts in Beginning Astrophotography: How to do Astrophotography the Wrong Way, Right!

Top retailer’s imaging expert provides an overview of equipment of all levels


Warren Keller


Inside PixInsight

Noted SKY & Telescope author, and one of the world’s top astro-imagers and teachers offers an intro and intermediate look at this powerful software. Class includes a free PixInsight Primer DVD!


Kevin Nelson

QSI- Quantum Scientific Imaging

The How and Why of Image Calibration

Kevin unravels the mysteries of image reduction and shows its practical application in MaxIm DL


Stephen Ramsden

Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project

Solar Imaging

The king of solar outreach, Stephen shows you how to get the best solar images from today’s cameras


Robert Reeves

Modern Lunar Imaging

One of the world’s foremost lunar imagers, and authors details vid capture, image stacking, touch up, and mosaics


Dr. Craig Stark


Improved Autoguiding

Image Sampling, f/ Ratios, and SNR

One of the greatest minds in astro-imaging software will help you choose and use your equipment for top results


Product Talks


Michael Hattey


The One-Shot Colour CCD Camera and the StarlightXpress Product line


Jack Huerkamp

Jack’s Astro/Mallincam

The Mallincam for Video Astronomy


Fred Metzler

Canon USA

Canon DSLRs in Astrophotography featuring the EOS 60Da and EF/Cine Lenses


Bruce Morrell


QHY Products Featuring the QHY5L-II Planetary and Guide Camera


Tim Puckett


The Apogee Product Line featuring the Aspen


Rui Tripa


The Atik Product Line


Scott Tucker


Hyperstar Imaging- the ease of f/2


Richard Wright

Software Bisque

RIP: CCDSoft, Software Bisque 2.0

Bisque’s programmer introduces the new product line: Paramount MX, ME II, TheSkyX Pro, and Camera Add On


Gary McAnally

The FLI CCD camera and filter wheel line



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